September 24, 2012

Uranium Film Festival Coming to Berlin October 4-12, 2012

If I could snap my fingers and be in Berlin this October 4th through the 12th, I'd love to attend this remarkable Brazil-based international event:
The International Uranium Film Festival is dedicated to films about atomic bombs the whole nuclear fuel chain and radioactivity: Uranium mining, nuclear power plants, atomic bombs, nuclear waste, radioactive risks, nuclear medicine. The festival wants to stimulate the production of independent documentaries, movies and animated films about any nuclear or radioactive issue.
Uranium Film Festival is a project of the Yellow Archives, a cultural and educational organization that hopes to increase public information about nuclear power, nuclear waste, uranium mining and radioactivity in general. Yellow Archives is the first-ever film library in Brazil and Latin America dedicated to non-profit, educational and research films about the nuclear fuel chain and radioactivity, and makes its archives open to schools, universities and other non-profit organizations. Among the films to be screened are Roberto Pires' riveting Cesio-137: El Pesadelo de Goiânia (Cesium-137: The Nightmare of Goiânia), the 2011 Audience Award winner for Best Feature Film, and Bill Kiesling's 2012 "Yellow Oscar"-winning documentary, "Not for Public Release: a Nuclear Incident in Lock Haven."

The next Uranium Film Festival is scheduled for May 2013 at Rio de Janeiro's Museum of Modern Art. The Uranium Film Festival and the Yellow Archives depend primarily on private funding for their work; you can get involved by becoming a sponsor, or by making a donation to the film festival. The full program of the upcoming October event in Berlin is available here [PDF], and you can also view the program brochure of the 1st Uranium Film Festival from 2011.


  1. Thanks for posting the information about our Uranium Film Festival. Your Blog is great!
    Now the festival of Berlin is over, but the next Uranium Film Festival is in the pipeline.
    January we may be will start a tour in India.
    And May we will have the 3. International Uraniumm Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. For Filmmakers: our call for entry is open!
    Send us an email:

  2. Thank you very much for the compliment, and we will be very glad to spread the word about future Uranium Film Festival events!