August 06, 2012

"Inside Chernobyl (2012)": A Documentary by Adrian Musto

Much has been said here and elsewhere on the longstanding tragedy of Chernobyl, so I'm always pleasantly surprised to find a fresh look at the topic. Today I discovered a documentary by Adrian Musto, a photographer and filmmaker who also posts under the nom de Web Arkitekture. What's he's created here "on no budget" (in his words) using footage from a recent visit to Ukraine and Pripyat, is remarkable. Beginning with some archival videoclips from the first days of the 1986 accident, the film captures the haunting air of present-day Pripyat, the soon-to-be "New Safe Confined" Sarcophagus, interviews with residents, and some on-the-spot radiation meter readings of objects and structures. I'm sure you'll find "Inside Chernobyl" fascinating. [Note: some of the images may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.]

Musto's photos from Chernobyl, viewable in a gallery on his website, are also stunning. You can listen to some of his Chernobyl trip backstory at Deep Inside Podcast from July 10, 2011, which features very nice atmospheric IDM music from Kiev-based producer Queensway.

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  1. Why don't you include some actual figures for radiation levels? Most of the areas that were evacuated had levels only 50 per cent over natural background levels, which is next to nothing. People in Ramsar, Iran, and other places in India and even in Colorado have up to hundreds of times higher natural background radiation, yet the residents suffer no harm, and extensive research has shown LESS illness and disease amongst them, attributed to radiation hormesis. The whole "nuclear Scare Scam" is just that. Watch/listen to some Galen Winsor talks to get the scientific information on nuclear power and radiation to get the scientific facts, not media driven hype.